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5 Tricks to drink (a lot of alcohol) in a (a little healthier) way

The Ultimate Guide so you can attach yourself to the bottle while safeguarding your liver within limits.

1. Choose wine over beer

Even though beer apparently contains less calories than wine, beer is rich in carbohydrates and sugars (a light pint equals 13 lumps of sugar!). In addition, we tend to drink much more beer than wine - we are not referring to the consumption of a small can of beer, but to the consumption of a 12 pack within a night of drinking. Therefore, from one alcoholic to another, in quantitative degrees, drinking a lot of wine is less harmful than drinking a lot of beer, it contains less sugar and carbohydrates and therefore, it also doesn’t make you feel as bloated.

Tip : If you drink wine all evening at some point, you might get tired of it, so hopefully you will then start to drink more slowly, decreasing - a little - its consumption.

2. Mix water with your spirits

If you are a lover of straight alcohol - or if you are not, but you want to limit the sugar content of orange juice, lemon soda or otherwise - an excellent trick is to mix a part of alcohol with one or two parts of water, and add some ice if you want. The result will be about the size of a drink but with half the crap inside. Example: one shot of vodka and two shots of water.

This way, you will keep hydrating yourself as you consume your drink (limiting the hangover the day after!) and it may seem like you’ll be able to drink more. The effect obtained will be practically the same as a straight drink and the taste is a little less disgusting. Try it out, seeing is believing!

3. Use fresh fruit juices

Freshly squeezed juices are often not considered as mixers for drinks, instead we usually resort to those artificial sugary drinks full of evil sugars. An excellent idea for this summer, which will allow you to drink greater quantities of alcohol, in a healthier way, is therefore to use fresh juices.

Example : an aperitif based on mimosa with fresh orange juice and prosecco will be much healthier than prosecco and orange juice, and also much, much tastier!

4. Discover natural fermented drinks like Kefir or Kombucha

These naturally fermented drinks, apart from being an excellent cure-all for the body, also contain a minimum percentage of alcohol.

For the less obstinate, a couple of bottles of Kombucha or Kefir could be enough to serve as an alternative to beer, for the more alcoholic people of the group they can become an original and refreshing mixer that will deceive your palate! A mix of prosecco, Kefir / Kombucha, lemon and mint can create an excellent and refreshing aperitif.

5. Use carbonated water

Instead of mixing your spirits with the usual artificial carbonated drinks, create your own mixer. You can mix carbonated water with lemon and mint and create an original mixer to keep in the fridge for a few days, good and free of calories and harmful substances.

6. Put a few drops of lemon and water in a bad quality wine

Stretching lousy wine with water is a fairly common practice, but for me personally, it is impossible. I recently discovered this trick that makes it much more pleasant and gives it a completely different flavor. I’m not a huge fan of the Spanish method of adopting orange juice in the wine for example, because in the end I find a good glass of 'smooth' wine much healthier. Water and lemon, on the other hand, can be an interesting and natural method to lengthen your wine and make it last longer.


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