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6 original recipes from all over the world (suitable for an idiot)

It doesn't matter if you can cook or not, with these recipes revisited personally you can amaze your friends without having to resort to the usual spaghetti!

1. Pica Pau (Portugal)

This delicious recipe is very easy to prepare and will amaze everyone. It is a stew of beef cooked with onions and tomatoes in a mustard sauce. I swear to you that I don't like mustard, but with the meat sauce it takes on a completely different and unexpected flavor!


Beef stew


Cluster tomatoes

Mustard or mustard

Roughly cut the onion and fry it on high heat with the oil in a large pan. Once softened, throw the tomatoes cut into large pieces and let go.

When the tomatoes have softened a little, but they will not be crushed, throw the meat and brown it. When the cooking is almost finished, add salt and pepper and put a spoonful of mustard directly on the meat (add gradually if the flavor is not felt, it depends on the kind of mustard used).

Mix well and leave to cook until the sauce has dried up a little and the mustard has been completely mixed with the meat sauce, losing its spicy note.

Leave to rest for a moment and serve directly with the pan in the middle of the table.

2. Zucchini carpaccio (Turkey)

A very quick recipe for a perfect side dish for a summer dinner!





Fillet the courgettes with a potato peeler in long, thin strips - then lengthwise. Spread the fillets on a tray or in a baking dish and squeeze the juice of a lemon over it. Garnish with chopped parsley.

Leave to marinate in the fridge for an hour or more. The flavor will be surprising in its simplicity.

3. Soy marinated eggs (Japan)

A vegetarian dish beautiful to look at and exciting to eat!







Take a saucepan and pour a glass of almost full soya, one of water, a little ginger (it is fine both fresh and in powder form), two chopped cloves of garlic and a teaspoon of sugar.

Leave to cook for 10 minutes and then leave to rest for another 10. In the meantime, boil the eggs for about 10 min.

Peel the hard-boiled eggs, take a container, pour in the soy sauce and put the eggs inside to marinate in the sauce. Close the lid and leave to rest overnight.

The eggs will turn completely black and will be delicious and fun to look at. With the rest of the sauce you can then cook some vegetables or noodles for an Asian stir-fry.

Tip : for a more complete meal, next to it you can make cucumbers marinated in vinegar, very delicate and excellent as an Asian-inspired side dish. Just cut the cucumber into very thin slices with a mandolin and put it to macerate in the lemon, a drop of vinegar and sugar for about an hour.

4. Easy Korean Barbecue (Korea)

Korean barbecue is now famous all over the world, but laborious enough to replicate at home. Here my easy recipe revisited!


Beef carpaccio





Chili pepper

Sesame oil (normal if there isn't)

Cornstarch or flour

The secret lies in the sauce! To prepare it, just put in a saucepan a glass of almost full soy, half of water, two chopped, two spoons of sugar (better still if of cane) a pinch of chilli pepper, a spoonful of sesame oil and a spoonful of cornstarch. Close with the lid and let it boil. Remove from the heat and let it rest for as long as possible, even 30 min is fine, but better if a few hours.

For the barbecue: in a pan fry a couple of thick cut onions in three parts. When the onions are almost cooked, pour the sauce into the pan and throw the carpaccio cut into large squares over high heat. Stir often otherwise the sauce will start to burn because of the sugar - if it sticks too much add a little water gradually. When the meat is ready, remove from the heat and serve hot.

Tip : with the same sauce you can try some Asian stir-fry again, it will be delicious!

5. Cold rice with balsamic vinegar (Italy)

Another very easy and not widely used recipe, but excellent both for a picnic and for a nice summer dinner with friends.


Rice (preferably basmati)

Balsamic vinegar

Boil the rice. Once cooked, wait for it to boil for a moment and then pass it under cold water (you have to practically wash it).

Take a large bowl, throw in the rice, pour in oil and balsamic vinegar and add salt and pepper to taste - the quantity depends on your personal taste. Mix everything and serve.

6. Dhaal of fast lentils (India)


Lentils (yellow or red)



Mixed spices



Chili pepper

This is certainly the least original recipe but often one does not think about how easy and cheap it is to make a dhaal.

In a pot put a few cloves of garlic and a chopped onion to brown, once softened, throw the lentils to boil - the right amount of water is about two / three fingers above the level of the lentils, however add gradually if it dries too much .

Add salt, pepper and spices to taste, surely use cumin and some curry; if there is also add a little paprika and turmeric.

It will take more or less 15/20 min - the lentils must remain whole but very soft, it must not be as liquid as a soup but rather narrow enough to remain hard when served on a plate.

Tip : serve with basmati rice next to it or as an entry dish in a cabbage leaf.

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