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Aperitivo without remorse for 24h aperitivo people

Like us, do you live for aperitivo but your liver grows and your self-esteem decreases? Can you count the fat of salame on the holes of your cellulite?

Don't worry, there are small tricks that can get you back into shape without giving up the best meal of the day - and safeguarding your liver as far as possible.

1. Choosing wine over any other alcohol

Here we are talking to the alcoholics like us, not to the saints who manage to only drink one beer throughout the evening.

Wine is definitely your best ally in order not to swarm your backside with cellulite and be able to go out after the aperitivo with your sexiest crop top - instead of having to resort to that long shirt to hide your beer belly.

It’s not that wine is really light, but ( as we explain in this post ) it certainly carries less carbohydrates and sugars than beer (a pint of beer equals 13 lumps of sugar!) and we usually tend to drink less of it. Same thing goes with spirits: wine clearly limits the intake of lousy sugars contained in mixers such as soda, orange juice etc. Of which you can easily drain a bottle without even noticing.

In addition, drinking the same alcohol all night long tires you out, so at some point your body will get worn out - we hope - and you will start drinking less, and more slowly.

Last but not least, wine can be watered down. It may seem like you’re drinking more, but the damage will be limited.

In my opinion, however, a good bottle of wine is always healthier than a mixture of sugars and artificial drinks.

Let's move on to food ...

2. The choice of cold cuts

We will never advise you to give up sausages. However, there are certainly some 'healthy' cured meats and some cured meats definitely to be avoided: for example, a charcuterie of bresaola and ham will be relatively healthier compared to a salami and mortadella charcuterie.

The costs could be higher but you can resort to other solutions such as roasted turkey or turkey bresaola - of course they do not give the same satisfaction as a nice salamino cacciatore - but every now and then we need a change plus you can combine the healthier cold cuts with some nice sauces to make them even tastier and more satisfying.

Another tip is to try to remove the fat - I personally am not a lover so I inevitably remove it - but, overcoming the fatigue, it is a healthy habit that clearly limits the intake of fat.

3. Replacing cheese with sauces

How could we give up cheese? It seems impossible. Yet you can, and with style. In Italy we generally don’t use dips too much, except for our sandwiches. In reality, sauces and dips can be your new lifeline.

The best and easiest recipes are hummus, tzatziki, eggplant sauces, geren, olive paté and so on ( here are some recipes ). You can also customize them, making them more or less caloric (limiting the oil, not using tahini in hummus etc). You will see, once you find those two or three sauces that you really like, you will immediately become addicted to them!

If after all this, you still can't give up cheese, try to follow recipes in which they are included but in a healthier way. Maybe add a nice caprese to the bresaola and ham charcuterie to share instead of making a crushed sleppa with burrata and mortadella.

4. Place delicious but healthy snacks on the table

What we love about the aperitivo is the conviviality, bottomless food. But of course an infinite amount of taralli and schiacciatine can compromise all your efforts if your goal is to keep fit.

Remember that you can always add some nice vegetable crudités such as carrots and cherry tomatoes on the table to be soaked in dips instead of bread; or olives that can be peeled without feeling too guilty.

Thus, sometimes, your hand may accidentally fall on the vegetables instead of that tarallo-shaped lard.

Another idea is homemade chips made in the oven with a little oil - you can use eggplants, potatoes, carrots, pumpkin etc. They will be almost better than the store bought ones. Even homemade popcorn could be a good ally if they are made with a little oil or butter, they have a very low caloric intake and fill you up a lot.

5. Limit carbohydrates

And here's the hardest part! How can you replace baked goods? You probably wouldn’t enjoy your aperitivo as much if you have to avoid them completely, and also, we’re not sure if that’s really possible. We tried to find some ''valid'' substitutes for the schiacciata of the Antico Vinaio.

One tip would be to avoid the over-leavened bread rolls such as full loaves and pick crackers or dry croutons as they are often less caloric and inflate less. For the schiacciata, choose the crunchier one to the tall soft one.

You could buy some healthy croutons (WASA style) and combine those with a more satisfying baked goods so you can alternate between the two and be satisfied without feeling too guilty.

Another idea is to make involtini (aka rolls). Instead of always combining the salami or the sauces with bread, you can make little hummus and ham involtini or use vegetable crudités like breadsticks - yes, I feel like crying too.

Obviously the satisfaction is incomparable, but if you can get used to it, the results will amaze you.

6. COOKING! And explore other cuisines

I am not talking about cooking super complicated things, but if you cook some healthy side dishes based on vegetables, legumes or the sort, it is certainly a great way to feel satisfied without having to resort to junk food. You can create healthy and alternative aperitifs by exploring various cuisines outside of your own.

In my opinion, Middle Eastern cuisines are an excellent starting point for original aperitifs. At the base of them there are the meze, small dishes of various spreads to taste, as we would say in Italian 'da aperitivo'. Since they utilize a lot of raw vegetables in their cuisine, it will certainly therefore be much healthier than all of our fried foods and sausages.

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