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Artist of the month: Amanda Lasperini


Every month we dedicate a part of our platform to a young emerging artist. We aim to encourage new art, promote and support young artists by sharing their work and their works. In addition, thanks to them, we keep ourselves in constant evolution, offering you new and cutting-edge content. Follow @trashpoetry .jpeg.

Amanda Lasperini is Italian artist who lives in London. Part of the underground scene in East London, Amanda Lasperini - aka Trashpoetry - immediately struck us for her linear, modern, but nostalgic style (a bit like us) and for this reason we decided to dedicate our first edition to her.

Her work aims to create a melancholic and nostalgic atmosphere mixed with 'trash' able to play down the heaviness of certain thoughts and actions part of our daily life.

Her work reflects who she is, a girl full of insecurities, of suffering, but who despite the worst captures the absurdity of life and faces adversity with a unique irony that makes her a positive, singular and exhilarating character - in her melancholy.

Trashpoetry was born as a photographer, later turned mainly into tattoo artist. In her practice, often she uses her own photos to turn them into crazy graphics, adding, the 'easy' graphic design 'a more personal note, more human, if I may say so.

You can find her work on our Instagram page or by connecting directly to her profile .

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