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Fonte: Bianca Ariani, 2019.

Who is Gibrah?

''I was born in Florence in '96. I've always drawn. When I was younger, hoards of evil knights and dragons spitting fire, then graffiti, comics, "traditional" painting and recently even digital drawing: so I do a little bit of everything.

The creative process

''I love to experiment, maybe because I'm a little schizophrenic with my need to try different things, enriching as much as possible my creative expression, to continue to have fun and getting to know myself by drawing. It's important not to censor yourself, to do things without any expectations (Picasso use to say that good taste is Art's biggest enemy, and he was right) but enjoying as much as possible every technique and every pretense, focusing everything on participation.

If there's one thing that I've learned in these years it's that participation is everything, not the technique like we usually believe.

Participating means 2 things: to flow and to enjoy.

The opposite of this are mannerisms, giving up the joy of unpredictability for the mirage of a "style" that in the long run will make you lose your ability to test yourself, in the name of immediate recognition of your "hand", of your own "style".

Generally, we think that doing things artistically means giving up our reality to create a new one, more interesting and unique than before: it's not bullshit. You can't create anything if you can't first deeply respect Reality, if you don't love the shapes, the colors, the sensations that emanate from things.

There are dozens of artists who gradually dry up on this misunderstanding because they sacrifice everything for "style", repeating themselves over and over again, wanting to create "their" reality, and they end up creating dead things, devoid of life and self-satisfied.

I try to balance the 2 poles of my artistic research, which is spontaneous and not premeditated:

1) understanding and representing things from real life (and never from a picture), for example the people I love or the landscapes that surround me;

2) drawing while having fun, seeing what's born from these non premeditated gestures and strongly nervous (for example with a nice old, big ignorant Uniposca), creating raw drawings that make me feel good. All the things I do are between these two areas. I repeat, what really counts is the Participation, the enjoyment of moment, being open to the unexpected.

The unexpected of your inner world that reveals itself and develops itself with a constant artistic practice in parallel to your contemplation of the world itself.

Art is born out of the infamous problem of who am I in relation to the world and what does the world represent to me, today.

There is no Art without craving for knowledge, there is no Research without curiosity: Art is the game of tragically Curious people ... let them play. ''

You can find his art on our Instagram page or by directly following his profile.

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