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AYRAN: The ultimate hangover hack

You tried all these hangover remedies but that headache and that feeling of nausea still won’t pass?

Discover this very easy and miraculous drink that will cure all your ills!

Today an easy recipe for a yogurt-based drink that will change your after-hangover forever. It tastes a little strange for us Europeans but there are those who became addicted to it instantly!

To prepare it, simply mix a bowl of yogurt with half a glass of water and a drop of milk. Add a little salt and if you have dried mint or chopped fresh mint. Mix well and it's your elixir is ready!

It may seem disgusting to drink salted yogurt at first, but I assure you that it is delicious, and also healthy! Ayran is also perfect as a snack or drink to drink during the day. In the Middle East it is consumed in all ways: as an accompaniment to meals instead of alcohol, to cool off during torrid days, or for breakfast.

I tried it and found that nothing is better for a devastating after-hangover. The active ingredients of yogurt, with fats and salt make you instantly find and restore your bacterial flora in the blink of an eye. Try it out and let us know what you think, seeing is believing!

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