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BEAUTY PILLS: 4 ideas to reinvent yourself

(and never improve, since we’re perfect as we are!)

Who hasn’t thought about, at least once, how to change the little things about yourself, maybe even just for a day? I do this often, maybe even too often.

Here's how I "engineered" myself in recent years, after realizing that the internet is full of small beauty pills that everyone can simply do at home.

Here’s a short list of what I do regularly:

  • Fake freckles

  • Eyelash curling

  • Castor oil on eyelashes and eyebrows

  • Colored lenses

1. Freckles

Certainly freckles are the current trend right now and you too might have seen them practically everywhere - from the filters of the various social networks to the makeup artist's tricks.

I'll go straight to tell you how I do it: with henna .

Yes, the same that is used for tattoos or to nourish/tone the hair. It releases a color between light brown and orange, which is practically the perfect color for our freckles.

I advise you to get henna paste, the one for tattoos, which is packaged inside some sort of small cones, which, once wrung out, spits out the paste from a small hole.

I think you could safely purchase your henna on the internet (for example, I bought it on Amazon, paying about € 15 for 5 small henna cones + a cone containing a silver polished paste that I honestly still haven't understood how to use), or you could try herbal medicine store or ethnic shops. Once you get your henna paste, you are ready to go!

REALLY IMPORTANT, TRULY: each henna, being natural, will have its own fixing time and a color tone that could be different from another, for this reason I suggest that you do a test before filling your whole face with dark spots!

Squeezing the cone lightly - so as to bring out the henna paste - you could try creating points first on one hand, wait 15 minutes (i.e. the minimum laying time) and then remove by scratching the henna away - which will have dried out - or help yourself with with a piece of cotton moistened with water. In fact, the drying speed may vary from skin tone to skin tone or, precisely, from the type of henna: it may be enough to keep it on for about 20 minutes or even for 1 hour. This depends entirely on your type of skin.

For example, I always keep it on for a long enough time and remove it by scratching away the dry paste (which could be a little annoying, but the effect is less faded compared to when I use cotton with water - be careful not to let it irritate you!) .

Once everything is removed, put some moisturizing cream on and voila!

Freckles should last for a few days, it always depends on your skin type and also on how much you treat it with tricks or products - for example the more you will be scrubbing/using scrubs etc., the less the henna pigment will remain.

Ah, finally, don't worry if on the second day the spots were more visible than the day before, it's completely normal! If they’re too dark for you, cover them with a little foundation or hold back on the henna for the next time.

2. Eyelash curling

Another beauty practice that is certainly very popular is the extension of the eyelashes, which is often done by a beautician through the application of false eyelashes to thicken and lengthen the natural ones.

A very valid alternative to this solution is instead the bending of natural eyelashes, the technique is called lash lift.

In this case it is definitely necessary to purchase a kit to make it at home - the price may vary, but there are many different solutions that could be right for you (in this case too I entrusted Amazon to paying about € 15).

Substantially the eyelashes are folded on a silicone pad resting on the upper eyelid with the help of eyelash glue and a series of passages are performed with some fixing products so that at the end of the practice the natural eyelashes are more extended, bent and elongated.

Don't worry, each kit has a small instruction booklet that will be much more useful to you than my short explanation. The effect is quite natural and long lasting, and once you start you will no longer be able to do without it!

3. Castor oil on eyelashes and eyebrows

Furthermore, always for the eyelashes, but also for the eyebrows, the nourishing properties of castor oil are quite well known and popular. It is a totally natural oil that you can buy in herbal stores (I paid 5 €) or on the internet. Please, make sure it's 100% castor oil.

I apply it every evening with a brush of a finished mascara (well cleaned of make-up residues) that I dip in the oil, then passing it on the eyelashes and on the eyebrows.

In addition to being very nourishing (which is perfect if you have done some eyelash treatments which will need to be hydrated even more), this oil is famous for helping hair growth, therefore perfect for thickening slightly bald eyebrows or eyelashes.

The results will start to show after a few months of use, you have to be very patient.

Being a completely natural treatment there are very few contraindications - however, be careful not to let the oil go into your eyes.

(It is recommended to apply the oil about a half hour before going to sleep so that it absorbs better so as not to stain the pillow... useless, my pillow is still a mess, but maybe you’ll have better luck!).

4. Colored lenses

Finally, perhaps my favorite beauty pill, if you really want to be different for a day or more, you can draw focus on the eyes using colored contact lenses.

Unfortunately, I am tremendously short-sighted and I use contact lenses every day for reasons of necessity, so it was not at all strange to switch to wearing colored contact lenses - but I understand that for those who are not used to it, it may be a little annoying at first. But it's just a matter of habit!

There are many brands of contact lenses and some specialized in colored ones, graduated or not.

The brand I use is Solotica, certainly one of the best as far as the natural color rendering is concerned. This brand mainly creates annual contact lenses (costing approximately 80€ per couple if they are prescription lenses, less without prescription) or semi-annual, which certainly lowers costs, even if it is not ideal for those with slightly sensitive eyes because they will have to be even more careful about the hygiene of the lenses.

Before choosing, I suggest you take a look around the various websites that sell contact lenses and make your decision based on the most suitable parameters for you, such as price, durability of the lenses and color rendering.

I hope these beauty pills can help you spend a little better time at home, we must not forget that sooner or later we will return to normal, and it would not be bad to go out a little different from how we entered!

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