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Chris Hurst: the art of musical improvisation

Today, we present to you an emerging overseas artist who deeply impressed us and captured us for his free and uncontaminated style.

Humangerie was born as a platform between Italy and America, and it's time to start discovering what is happening on the other side of our magazine as well.

Maybe when you think of the Miami music scene, the first things that come to your mind are EDM music, Latin music or trap music ... Yet there is also an entire community of musicians here as well who continue to push the limits of mainstream culture.

And this is the category in which Chris Hurst, young emerging artist from Miami, falls into.

Chris's style varies from performance to performance, mirroring his free approach to life. Sometimes Chris produces unconventional music, sometimes you can find it on the stages of some of the most famous clubs in Miami, such as Floyd or Treehouse. Chris only produces music that enhances his originality and authenticity, and it's not easy in the city of appearance and vanity which is Miami - where fake asses and boobs sprout like flowers.

In this short film, Chris experiments with the art of improvisation to connect with his audience on a spiritual level and accompany us on an intentional journey through his emotions.

(Don't be frightened by the first 3 minutes of teeth brushing ... we all skipped them at first. After you become passionate about them.)

If you want to know more about Chris Hurst, this eclectic musician, mixed between irony and set emotions, you can find him on Instagram @ 432hurst and @ mellowsoulfl and continue to follow his electronic music project together with his partner. Ah, you can also find it on @ thewildmushroomcafe , his pop-up vegan restaurant.

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