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How to create a sauna in your home bathroom

Transform your home bathroom in a sauna in just a few simple moves!

Instead of spending hundreds of euros in spa fees and gym fees, why not transform your bathroom in a private sauna? It’s very easy and, aside from saving you money, your body will thank you for the incredible benefits it will reap.

Things you need:


A bucket of a sort

Sponge or another small towel

To obtain an excellent result in your home-made sauna, a small bathroom works best. However, any bathroom size will work with this, it just may take a little longer for the heat to concentrate in the environment.

First of all, we have to block any and all drafts of air with some towels. Windows, doors, etc. so as to avoid the heat exiting through these passages.

Then, take your bucket, fill it with cold water and set aside a clean sponge or towel.

Continue by turning on the water of your tub -- your shower can work as well, but keep the curtains or the door of the shower open -- and aim the shower head towards the wall. The room should be able to gather all of the steam from the water.

Now, you can get undressed and sit on the edge of the tub or whatever else you have in your bathroom. Slowly but surely, you will be wrapped in the steam of your bathroom and will start to sweat like in a real sauna! As the heat increases, dab yourself with the sponge or towel that you set aside along with the cold water in the bucket. Once you have reached your limit of tolerance for the heat, shut off the water.

At the end of the sauna, take a nice cold shower to tonify and reinvigorate your body. Saunas are widely known for its respiratory tract benefits, they are good for those with asthma and help expel toxins in your body. It’s a good habit to incorporate into your routine!

I recommend, however, not to eat too much before as it could bother you, and remember to drink lots of water before and after your sauna.

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