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How to have an idea and really follow through with it

Tips from an attempted businesswoman

Particularly among us young people, having an idea and really putting it into practice seems like an unreachable dream - both because we are a generation with hopes underfoot, and because we are a group of injured people who cannot lift their asses so to speak. So let's see how and where to start. I repeat, however, I'm still trying, but I'm getting closer and closer.

These are real tips that I gained in the field, not from a business marketing course.

1. Understanding what we are good at or what doesn’t bore us

It may seem trivial, but it is not. I’m a dreamer and I continually have ideas that seem brilliant to me and I once thought I could implement anything I wanted. Unfortunately or fortunately, as we grow, we must readjust our perspective and understand that even if the idea is brilliant, if we are unable to go beyond that, it is unachievable. So either you have to understand what you are good at and work hard, or understand what does not bore you in the long run - perhaps even more important - and find a way to open a business and passionately make others do what you would like to do for you.

2. Having a team - A REAL TEAM

This also seems very obvious, but again it is not. In all my fantastic ideas I have always tried to count on my friends, assuming that we are similar and everyone will want to help me and they will be good at it. IT'S NOT TRUE! Your friends are not you and they cannot be your team just because you share a certain number of things: maybe they don't give a damn about art or cinema and even if the idea itself is captivating they will never be able to really support you - partly for lack of passion, partly for lack of necessary tools. So find a real team, just one or two good people rather than a useless group. It is somewhat the cause and effect of the first point. And this team doesn't have to be 'your friend', as long as you work well together. Then, if you can have some beers with them in the evening, even better, otherwise they will always remain just your staff.

3. Bring everything ahead first, and then count on others

The secret of an entrepreneur - and we are not talking about oil companies, but about any type of business - is to always be one step ahead of others. I said yes, you need a real team, but people are lazy, they don't know where to go. So you proceed independently and always look forward. If you have time you solve your problems that you had entrusted to others, you think about the job you had delegated to your colleague, you decide you how you would like the image of your company, always thinking of the next steps before the current ones are concluded; and remember, think about it first of all, even if at that moment that was not your job. Regardless of who's there, always remember that it's just you and how would you handle everything if suddenly your whole team abandoned you.

4. Find your vision and identify at least one thing that sets you apart

In this world full of everything and anything, and with your brain reduced to mush to truly concentrate on anything, this ‘vision’ is of utmost importance for everything you do. If you find a way to create a vision for yourself, you are already someone, some idiot who will start following you only because the image of your business is cool, and that will be your springboard. In addition to this vision, you need at least one element that differentiates you, that sets you apart from the rest. You can also do what everyone does, but if your slogan contains an original, captivating and unique element, you will have hit the mark. Everyone has done everything now so don't focus on something that doesn't exist, but transform the existing and evolve it.

6. Don't be afraid to speak

Sometimes they say they don't talk too much about your ideas because some asshole could steal them. And I don't think that's true. Of course, don't go telling everyone what you are doing, but if you are creating something you are still doing it for an audience. So talk, see what people need, follow the needs and desires of what your audience will be.


Last but not least. Starting something new is always difficult, whether you know what it is or not. So there is no way to start anything if you don't grit your teeth at first and grind hard. It may seem insurmountable, incomprehensible, but if you don't hit your head at the beginning to create a solid base, nothing can be carried forward. You must feel confident in what you are doing, you must be able to explain what you are doing, but also be able to understand what your doubts are, and be able to explain them - this means that you will at least know what you are dealing with, no matter if there are complications, that's normal. If there are already multiple answers to the questions they ask you like “now I will think about it”, “yes, I'm thinking about it” or “I don't know, I'm already looking for a solution”, that’s no good. You need to be able to tell what you're thinking , what solution you're looking for and what exactly. Maybe you won't sleep for a week, you will suffer, but I assure you that once you have passed that step you will work on something concrete and the fun part will come. So grit your teeth and move your ass, sitting there waiting for something to happen will not get you anywhere!

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