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Men and Sex Appeal: Do’s & Don’ts

If you’ve always wondered what women think of your attempts to become more appealing, you can finally find some answers here. Humangerie did a survey on what works and what does not.

Men, take notes… please.

The podium:

1. Shaved armpits

Absurdly - or maybe not - shaved armpits were at the top of the podium. Boys, you cannot only shave one part of your body. It’s weird, we notice, it’s kind of slimy and maybe too feminine.

2. Groomed eyebrows

In second place, a tormenting trend that never goes out of style, and appears like many of you still do not want to understand: we don’t like your so-called ‘seagull wings’, especially when your eyebrows end up looking better than ours.

3. When your shaved hair is growing back in

Last but not least: the regrowth of your shaved hair. Yeah, on average, we don’t like a shaved man but at least control your regrowth, dude! You already have one beard, you don’t need a second one.

Yes, men. The podium has everything to do with your hairs.

No woman, I repeat, no woman that was surveyed could understand what motivates you to shave or pluck your hairs. You’re men, so enjoy the freedom of growing out these damn hairs (unless they are super excessive), we like you as you are.

To follow we have…

4. Dirty nails

Dear men, if you want to touch us down there, you need to wash yourself up there.

And please, just take your hands out of your mouths and stop chewing at those poor tiny nails, or shall we call them strangely corroded little strips you find at the end of your fingers.

5. When it takes you a long time to get ready

Yes, ok, we like a man who can take care of himself a bit, but if we spend over 45 minutes waiting for you to get ready, or if you can’t decide what clothes to wear, it’s kind of a turn off. It’s not sexy.

6. Back hairs

The only hairs that you could truly thin out, maybe. Just remember about the regrowth, eh!

7. Over-groomed hair

We’re not saying you have to go rogue, but your goldy locks aren’t doing you any favors either. Same thing goes as the eyebrows: we are uncomfortable when your hairs look better than ours, it’s not sexy.

8. Under-groomed teeth and mouth

We have to kiss you, swish our tongues in your mouths… please, think of the next person in there. Having a beautiful smile and teeth inspires cleanliness and self-care, two very exciting things for a woman.

9. When you ask us ‘is this good?’ or if we finished

This is something you really need to start to understand by yourselves.

10. When you act too ‘manly’

This is a broad category, nominated by every woman surveyed according to their personal experience. A few examples of ‘acting too manly’ can be: aggressively yelling at the television, playing rough with your friend and beating each other up when you run into each other, or those ‘shows’ that you put on when you meet another man. All these typical macho behaviors are very unattractive.

These are the top 10 things you shouldn’t do to become more appealing, but I assure you the list could go on for another 20 points or so: a dirty beard, being too much of a mommy’s boy, wearing clothes that are too short or too tight for you, wearing spaghetti strap tank tops… These are just a few more suggestions that women could throw in your face.

(Men, forgive us. And rest assured you will have your revenge in our upcoming survey and article with the respective female rankings…)

Fortunately, however, there are also some positive things that you do.

1. Groomed hair (the right amount)

Yes, we do like nice hair. Absolutely no gel, straightening or hair spray; they should look natural, as if left to go a bit on their own. You’re men, okay? But a nice set of hair is really sexy.

2. Gallantry

If you find yourself asking if those sappy movie tricks work, or if they’re too cheesy, you should know that most women actually like those things. Open our doors, fill our glasses, let us pass first… Yes, it’s cheesy, but it’s still cute. And sexy.

3. Smelling nice

NONE OF THOSE NAUSEATING SMELLS THAT LEAVE A TRAIL FROM YOUR HOUSE TO THE RESTAURANT! We’re talking about a bit of cologne, that smells nice, that kind of represents you. It’s very attractive.

4. When you don’t have to ‘act like a man’

A man who doesn’t feel compelled to show his masculinity, that sometimes falls into a ‘feminine behaviors’ (like being empathetic, listening, giving advice) is actually really appreciated. And it’s attractive.


If you’re wondering why there are only four points to this last part, there is a reason: THE LESS YOU TRY, THE BETTER! It’s from this survey that we derived this golden rule which confirms that, both in your personality and physical appearance, women prefer when you are more natural. We like when you express your spontaneity instead of trying out bizarre looks, or excessive behaviors. Maybe because when you try too hard, you remind us of ourselves, and trust me, we don’t need another one of us.

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