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PIMPLES: the infallible home remedy you never knew

How many times have you happened to find yourself a nice pimple in the middle of your forehead, maybe on the day of that date that you have been waiting so long for?

When looking at yourself in the mirror you see that hideous red dot that ruins your complexion, of course, your only desire is to disappear as quickly as possible and start popping it incessantly without thinking twice.

In reality though, popping pimples is not the correct way to get rid of them and could actually make things worse. If squeezed, the bubble could ignite the pimple further or even become infected, thus making it thicker and lengthening the healing time. In addition, popped pimples very often leave indelible spots and scars. So, even though it’s very difficult to ignore, when these hateful spots appear it is good to hold back and not take action.

Today I want to talk to you about a little-known but phenomenal remedy to get rid of this imperfection: the so-called water -based paste , based on zinc oxide.

This ointment, which you can easily make at home, will help you dry and diminish pimples in record time, thanks to the action of its main ingredient, zinc oxide.

This mineral, which comes in the form of a very fine white powder, has a very strong soothing and anti-inflammatory power and already at the first application it will deflate the bubble and reduce its state of inflammation. Furthermore, thanks to its antiseptic that is, which fights and inhibits the proliferation of bacteria - and astringent properties, it will quickly heal the pimple, causing it to dry out and then disappear. All without side effects, without risk of inflammation or scarring.

You have to keep in mind that this type of preparation is not like a cream or gel to be applied to the whole skin of the face. In fact, it does not have a "spreadable" consistency and above all it is not absorbed. Apply it directly on the pimple or pimples and leave it to dry. Ideally, you want to apply it in the evening before going to bed so that it has all night to act. If that is not possible, to make it effective, the application should be left alone for at least a couple of hours. After that, just wash it off with water or a pinch of mild detergent.

Making these types of preparations at home is not only fun and gives a lot of satisfaction but it also saves you a lot of money because, after a small initial expense to buy the ingredients, you will have a sufficient amount to continue preparing the ointment for years (they are all ingredients that keep well for very long). However, if you really don't have a passion for do-it-yourself remedies, or prefer to have the product ready-made anyway, you can also buy water-based paste already made in the pharmacy. It is important that you do not confuse it with other zinc oxide ointments: you want a water-based preparation, that is, without any type of fat.The preparations with zinc oxide based on fat, which are real creams that you can spread on the skin, are rather indicated for problems of redness or irritation, but in my experience less they are effective in the treatment of pimples.

And now, no more chatting and let's see together how to create this phenomenal ointment, starting with the ingredients you need:

Distilled water 25 g

Alternatively, if you have a purifier in your home, purified water is fine. In the absence of everything, you can use tap water but you will have to boil it first and then let it cool.

Vegetable glycerin 25 g

You can find it easily in pharmacies, parapharmacies, herbalists and even online.

Cornstarch or rice powder 25 g

Rice starch is sometimes found in the departments for personal hygiene (it is used to bathe babies), while corn starch is generally found in the flour departments.

Zinc oxide powder 25 g

This could be the most complicated ingredient to find. Try in the pharmacy or herbalist's shop. Alternatively, you will have to buy it online. In this case, since you will have to pay shipping costs at this point, I recommend buying it from a site that also sells glycerin and rice or corn starch, because online prices are generally cheaper than in the pharmacy or herbal shop.

I recommend here two sites where you can find these and many other natural ingredients for body care: Vernile Pharmacy and Aroma Zone (in French).

A jar in which to store the ointment

As you can see, 25 g are used for all four ingredients; in this case you will therefore have 100 g of ointment. You can prepare the amount of ointment you prefer, the important thing is that you always keep this proportion between the ingredients, that is, each ingredient must make up 25% of the preparation. This is particularly important because glycerin has the ability to absorb water molecules to itself, preventing the growth of bacteria, so the ointment can be preserved on its own without the addition of preservatives. In any case, I do not recommend you prepare large quantities of cream because it is used little by little, so 100 g will already last for months.


Take a bowl and start pouring the water and adding the glycerin. It will dissolve very easily by turning a few times with a teaspoon.

After that, add the zinc oxide a little at a time, mixing gradually with the spoon; also in this case the powder will dissolve easily.

At this point, add the starch (corn or rice) to the mixture, always little by little and mixing very well between one addition and another. The starch will make the mixture very dense, so mixing it will become a little more difficult towards the end, nevertheless do not worry, there is no danger of lumps forming.

Once the mixture becomes completely homogeneous, your ointment is ready. All this preparation took less than ten minutes, and now you will always have a miracle remedy against pimples!

To preserve the preparation I recommend using a small jar, which, once filled, leaves as little empty space as possible. This is because, although as I said, water-based paste does not require preservatives, we prepare it at home in an environment and with non-sterile instruments, therefore it is better if it is in contact with as little oxygen as possible.

Whether you want to prepare it at home or buy it, I recommend you try this miraculous remedy as soon as possible, because you won't be leaving it anymore!

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