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Quarantine Reflections: What has kept me healthy and will be beneficial to the rest of my life

During this quarantine, which we have talked about over and over again, everyone came out with a little something, from bizarre hobbies, to absurd ways to pass the time, to issues that perhaps we have not yet looked at in a positive light.

Here at Humangerie we were keen to make this article because the imprisonment revealed so many new parts, talents or interests of each of us, and also some healthy habits that we will have to continue following. So, for those who find themselves bored, feeling unhealthy or in total oblivion after months between these 4 walls, this article could help you find some inspiration to take back in your mind, body and also maybe even see the positive sides of this quarantine.

1. I discovered the benefits of working out with a routine

(More or less such a thing ...)

We’ve heard and talked about working out throughout this quarantine a lot, and, for many of us who never had a workout routine, taking this path was truly a cure-all. And I'm not just talking about why we managed not to become cows in spite of the endless amount of alcohol and snacks, but because staying physically active keeps you mentally healthy and if it becomes a routine it’s not tiring or dreadful, but rather that moment of the day to let off steam and also to challenge each other. It is a path, where you improve day by day, and when you manage to get where you were unable to the day before, it is an incredible satisfaction. Maybe our sedentary society has finally started a healthier lifestyle - absurdly - thanks to not being able to move.

2. Cleaning the house, keeping in order

Many of us had never discovered how much keeping clean and living in a healthy environment made a difference to our sanity.

Many of our readers told us that before the quarantine they were a disaster, washing the dishes was almost inconceivable as a 'relaxing activity', folding clothes was that occasional once-a-month event. Yet those out of boredom, who to feel better, started cleaning, washing and bringing these activities into daily routines. Everyone, and I repeat, everyone, has felt the enormous benefit of having a harmonious, fragrant, orderly and clean space around them.

3. The lost art of waiting

How many times have we complained about the supermarket line or why we couldn't have what we wanted when we wanted it? Obviously, queuing for two hours to buy onions should not become part of our daily routine, but life was too hectic and within reach before. I believe that waiting for everything taught us a lot and also made us appreciate much more what we had, or when we finally got it.

Maybe we will be a little less consumer oriented after this imprisonment…

4. Hobbies discovered out of boredom

After the first weeks of continuous complaining, of stressing out by relaxing too much, many of us have given in to absurd activities that have however benefited our mind and, in certain cases, also revealed new interests and, who knows, possible outlets for our future lives. Among the testimonies of the most popular activities we have received we find knitting or crocheting, making models, learning a language, making products that are usually bought packaged as jams, breads, pickles or sauces; discovering international kitchens, joining forums and getting passionate about a new material, making ceramics or figurines with salt dough, growing your own Kefir or Kombucha grains, and making a vegetable garden. They are all small ideas, but even in our daily life it would be nice to find a hobby that instead of sticking to TV makes you spend productive and healthy time.

5. Take the time to think about what we are doing and maybe change your life

Many found themselves out of work, with dreams gone up in smoke or without an expectation. But not all evil comes to harm. We had to readjust ourselves to life and downsize our existence for a while, but many of us realized - through this downsizing - that what we were doing was perhaps not really "our measure" . We had the time to be able to devote ourselves to secondary activities that turned out to be our main passions. Maybe, we spent more time on things that did not concern what we thought was our path, discovering that perhaps that was not the right way.

The boredom and the desire to fill the voids of these empty days made us think so much about what to do that in the meantime we discovered something that we really like.

So let's think about it, maybe it's really the right time to change instead of trying to put together the pieces of an old existence gone up in smoke. It is the moment when we all have to downsize, so we must not be afraid to take risks!

6. Detachment from social pressure

We used to do many things we didn't like to please others, we tried to throw ourselves into activities that didn't make us happy to be accepted, we created fake situations to show them on social media. The absence of social life has benefited us more than we realize: it has made us relax, detach from the perennial social pressure that some of us lived very badly. We have discovered the joy of solitude, we have understood who our true friends are, we have created new bonds or we have detached ourselves from certain fictitious relationships that survived only thanks to social constraints.

So let's do a cross-examination of our conscience and learn from this lesson of life how we want to live and who we want to have around.

7. Staying close to distant friends

I don't know if it happened to you too, but feeling everyone far away I started talking to many of those friends that I was constantly ignoring and pretending to be too busy so as not to spend hours talking to them on Skype. Now, however, since I had to adopt this method to talk to someone who lives right next door to me, suddenly those distant friends didn’t seem as far away anymore. Many of those distant friends turned out to be closer than my so-called 'true friends' at home. And that's how I also found some detachment in a moment of stall, in a perennial routine; I rediscovered values, past relationships and I was confronted with issues outside of what was happening in my circle of friends who live 500 meters from my home.

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