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"The magic of harmonious shapes and colors in our conscience" | Interview with Laris Alara Kilimci

We can create a work of art from everything that we see and look at, to everything that has form or is formless, as long as we can see it.

As you know, here at Humangerie we have a great passion for colors: we think they reflect our character, our mood - and through them we can express ourselves to you. We are always in search of cutting-edge designs and inspirational artists who, like us, use colors as a tool to communicate and meditate upon.

Today we present Laris Alara Kilimci, an artist and designer who creates with shapes and colors. Her drawings remind us of the greatness of art and emphasize her variability. As she also reiterates, we can create a work of art from everything that we see and look at, to everything that has form or is formless, as long as we can see it.

"For me, shapes and colors have duties. Changing shapes can give different sensations. And this is an act of magic"

Laris explains to us, speaking on her creative process.

Each color represents a phenomenon: take for example weddings, the bride dresses in white because white represents cleanliness and purity. Or, if we think of the color red, which instinctively alarms us, we automatically understand that it is warning us of something.

We asked Laris which color represents her character and the meaning of this color to her. She replied that her feelings often change and she lives through them fully, with all their strength. The color of this feature is definitely a warm shade, which for her is expressed with "Hot-Orange (Pantone 179 C)" or Magenta, a warm and childish color that was often used in the 60s. She specifies that this color gives her joy every time she sees it, and during her childhood she had a lava lamp of this color made in Sweden.

Laris also has a separate project, the 'Lar-Studio', where she metamorphosizes her forms into magnificent fashion designs. We asked her to tell us a little about this initiative (for now based only in Istanbul) and the advantages and difficulties that she has had to face during the creation process.

When Laris created Lar-Studio, her goal was to instill these thoughts to people through her designs, rather than to grow her reputation. Today Laris made it: she told us how to meet new people, how to see her works worn by people who perceive her message, how she’s been able to create a relationship with them, a connection that makes her very happy, and it is also the greatest satisfaction as an artist.

To us, her designs scream out 'Look at us! Art is a detail, beauty can take shape in anything, in any way.' This is what stuck out the most to us about this artist/stylist.

However, like all jobs, there are also difficult parts: having a business, especially in a country like Turkey, on the one hand helps because everyone is very friendly, on the other it makes it harder, because they tend to be more pretentious. All acquaintances expect privileges, precedence... Laris explains that "In Turkey everyone expects a discount because market culture is not yet dead, indeed, it is normal, this habit is present regardless of any social bracket. For this reason, finding a quality product and staying alive as a business being based only in Turkey is very complicated. I don't even need to tell you how worried I am about all this.'' Laris however, is confident that positive things will always prevail over negative ones.

In the links listed below, you can find the works of this talented woman, who made us fall in love with them through their positive and her joyful characteristics:

> lar.studi o

> larofficial

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