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The wonders of vitamin C for your skin and where you can find it in your home

Forget about herbal remedies and follow our free tips!

Are you curious to find out what the effects of Vitamin C are on your skin? And how to use it without spending billions in herbal remedies?

Vitamin C is a crazy ally of the skin: it slows down skin aging, stimulates the production of collagen, leaving your skin bright and rested.

In addition, it reinforces your immune defenses and has an indispensable role in the synthesis of collagen.

Our body is not able to produce it on its own, so we have to take it through external ways, with foods such as fruit and vegetables. On the market we find many products such as creams and serums, but right here comes the drama of choosing the right products and above all, how much do we have to invest in order to have beautiful skin!

No fear. Now we reveal a simple, cheap and fun solution to nourish our skin with vitamin C.

During the autumn, winter and until the beginning of spring we consume different types of citrus fruit... well, when we peel our mandarin or orange, keep the skins aside!

While enjoying the fruit wedges, take the skins and start squeezing the juice on your skin (eye to eye!). You will feel a very pleasant sensation of freshness and your skin will be nourished by a lotion based on pure vitamin C, accessible and obtained without any effort.

Tip: organic citrus fruit would be ideal, because the skin, in addition to having a concentration of vitamins and minerals, also retains chemicals. So, if citrus fruits are not organic together with vitamin C you will also spray yourself with a series of not really healthy pesticides!

Use this trick every time you eat citrus fruit; squeeze the peel all over the skin, you will love the pleasure of well-being on the skin and you will become addicted to it!

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