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What to do with leftover wine?

Here is a series of secret hacks that you can do with leftover wine that will make you - almost - want to put away the bottle.

What to do with leftover wine? There are some common uses that we all know, such as cooking meat or fish for example, but there are some expert tricks that will leave you speechless!


Apart from the usual fish, crustaceans and others, there are also other ways of using white wine in the kitchen. First of all, for soups! A drop of white wine will give your soups a delicious taste. It can be added both at the beginning in the sauce and directly inside during cooking.

The other big secret is for doughs. There are various baked goods that can be made with a white wine mixture; from bread, to taralli, to brisé pasta etc. - the result will be very fragrant and of an excellent consistency.

In addition to cooking, white wine can also be used as a stain remover. Whether to remove red wine stains by making wine drives away wine - try it! - or as a degreaser, it will be excellent for stain removal on floors or surfaces, a bit like vinegar.


Obviously we all know that in the kitchen red wine is excellent for cooking red meat, but there is more. Surely the best use is for beef, but also for chicken it is a delight. There are various recipes, including deviled chicken or chicken alla marchigiana (from the Marche region), which will make you almost forget your dear steaks. In addition, as we know, it is excellent in ragù, to be added during cooking.

And then, for fruits, which almost nobody ever thinks about! For light desserts you can make apples, pears or peaches cooked in wine - and maybe some cloves - excellent and light.

Outside the kitchen, red wine, but also white wine, is an excellent antioxidant for the skin that you can use soaked in a cotton pad instead of your tonic. Even better if just out of the fridge, so as to also exploit its decongestant properties for areas such as dark circles.

Last trick, a remedy against flies and gnats! Just take a cup, fill it halfway with wine, seal it with cellophane and prick the surface with a toothpick. The aroma of the wine will attract and trap them in an instant.


Did you know that we can use sparkling wine for omelettes? An easy trick that few know. You just need to put a little while you beat them and you will get soft and frothy eggs.

Please, don't use the trick of the metal spoon in the bottle to keep it from oxidizing - it's a beautiful truck yet, it’s a mythical legend.

Finally, for all three, you can create tasty and original sauces or reductions for meats and cheeses.

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